IEETA members participate in JOCLAD 2024 and receive distinctions

From the 18th until the 20th of April, ESTG – Politécnico de Leiria organized the JOCLAD 2024 – a conference organized by CLAD (Portuguese Association of Data Analysis and Classification). IEETA members were present at the conference on several fronts. The following four articles were presented in the conference, with at least one IEETA member […]

UA Awards celebrated excellence of the IEETA community

The University of Aveiro (UA) hosted the 3rd edition of the UA Awards Ceremony, an event that honours excellence in the academic community. Highlights included IEETA researcher Joaquim Sousa Pinto, who was awarded the Cooperation Prize, and the honourable mention of the TAG prize awarded to the UA Cybersecurity Office team, coordinated by IEETA researcher […]

IEETA Researchers Secure New Patent: Advancing Technological Frontiers

A new international patent was formally approved at IEETA. This patent, titled “Equipment for the chromatic discrimination and counting of organisms,” represents a significant milestone in the ongoing commitment to technological innovation and advancement. The patent showcases the dedication and expertise of our researchers, underscoring their relentless pursuit of groundbreaking solutions to real-world challenges. With […]

Seminar: “Read-write ML: towards a new paradigm in Machine Learning”

Abstract: Machine Learning algorithms can be described as read-only methods, because they generate a representation and/or a model of the data, without changing it. Given that the quality of the model learned is strongly dependent on the alignment between the data and the bias of the algorithm, this means an essential part of the process […]

IEETA hosts the third APRP Spring Meeting

The Institute of Electronic and Informatics Engineering of Aveiro (IEETA) is set to host the third Spring Meeting of the Portuguese Association for Pattern Recognition (APRP) on March 8 at 2:30 pm. This event serves as a platform for fostering dialogue and discussion on the current advances and challenges in data science research, spanning both […]

Seminar: “Are they “just games” after all?”

Abstract: According to the video game industry, at the present time, approximately three billion people play some kind of video game regularly. In this talk, João will present some information to promote a debate on whether modelling the dynamics and strategies involved in playing games is of interest to other fields, or a waste of […]

Seminar: “How to catch a criminal? Data, Algorithms, and Other Weapons.”

Abstract: The rapid development of technology, coupled with the generation of large amounts of data, has brought new opportunities and challenges for criminal investigation. Dealing with data in its various formats, with limited time for investigation, is a challenge for all law enforcement agencies. This presentation aims to approach the topic from the perspective of […]

Remarkable Four-Time Winners in BioASQ: Advancing AI in Biomedical Research

In an impressive showcase of innovation and expertise, the “BIT.UA” team, from the R&D unit IEETA (, of the University of Aveiro, has achieved the remarkable feat of being amongst the BioASQ challenge-winning teams for the fourth consecutive year. This victory represents more than just continuing a winning streak; it underscores the team’s dedicated involvement […]

Innovation Award Granted to GermIrrad: A Robot Safely Disinfecting Public Spaces

In a stride toward revolutionizing public health, GermIrrad, an autonomous disinfection robot, clinches the prestigious Born from Knowledge (BfK) Innovation Award from the Portuguese National Innovation Agency (ANI). This groundbreaking project, developed by SpinnerDynamics in collaboration with the University of Porto (FEUP) and the University of Aveiro (IEETA), employs ultraviolet radiation and harmless chemical solutions […]

Seminar: “Overview of Deep Learning Projects in Medical Imaging”

Abstract: Deep learning of artificial neural networks has become the de facto standard approach to solving data analysis problems in virtually all fields of science and engineering and especially in medical image analysis. In this talk, Julia will present her past and recent projects on deep learning based medical image classification, segmentation, image synthesis and […]