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Zielińska, Aleksandra; Santos, Beatriz; Silva, Margarida; Fernandes, Christophe; Silva, A. R.; Durazzo, Alessandra; Lucarini, Massimo; Eder, Piotr; Santini, Antonello; Souto, Eliana B.

Metrology and Nanometrology at Agricultural/Food/Nutraceutical Interface: An Updated Shot Review

Current Bioactive Compounds, 2023

Zainab, Zarah; Al-Obeidat, Feras; Moreira, Fernando; Gul, Haji; Amin, Adnan

Comparative Analysis of Machine Learning Algorithms for Author Age and Gender Identification Conference

Lecture Notes in Networks and Systems, 2023

Yalçinkaya, Beril; Couceiro, Micael S.; Soares, Salviano Pinto; Valente, Antonio

Human-Aware Collaborative Robots in the Wild: Coping with Uncertainty in Activity Recognition Article

Sensors, 2023

Weissenbacher, Davy; O'Connor, Karen; Rawal, Siddharth; Zhang, Yu; Tsai, Richard Tzong-Han; Miller, Timothy; Xu, Dongfang; Anderson, Carol; Liu, Bo; Han, Qing; Zhang, Jinfeng; Kulev, Igor; Köprü, Berkay; Rodriguez-Esteban, Raul; Ozkirimli, Elif; Ayach, Ammer; Roller, Roland; Piccolo, Stephen; Han, Peijin; Vydiswaran, V. G. Vinod; Tekumalla, Ramya; Banda, Juan M; Bagherzadeh, Parsa; Bergler, Sabine; Silva, João F.; Almeida, Tiago; Martinez, Paloma; Rivera-Zavala, Renzo; Wang, Chen-Kai; Dai, Hong-Jie; Hernandez, Luis Alberto Robles; Gonzalez-Hernandez, Graciela

Automatic Extraction of Medication Mentions from Tweets - Overview of the BioCreative VII Shared Task 3 Competition Article

Database, 2023

Vaz, Mariana; Summavielle, Teresa; Sebastião, Raquel; Ribeiro, Rita P.

Multimodal Classification of Anxiety Based on Physiological Signals Article

Applied Sciences (Switzerland), 2023

Subtil, Ana; Oliveira, M. Rosário; Valadas, Rui; Salvador, Paulo; Pacheco, António

Detection of Internet-wide traffic redirection attacks using machine learning techniques Article

IET Networks, 2023

Sklyarov, Valeri; Skliarova, Iouliia; Kabulov, Anvar

Hardware Accelerators for Solving Computationally Intensive Problems over Binary Vectors and Matrices Conference

AIP Conference Proceedings, 2023

Skliarova, Iouliia; Meireles, Inês; Tchemisova, Tatiana; Cação, Isabel; Martins, Natália

Teachers’ Appreciation of Benefits and Shortcomings of Online and Blended Higher STEM Education Article

Education Sciences, 2023

Silva, Jorge Miguel; Almeida, Joao Rafael; Oliveira, Jose Luis

Classifying and discovering genomic sequences in metagenomic repositories Conference

Procedia Computer Science, 2023

Silva, Ruben; Lima, Ana Carolina; Andrade, Evismar; Martins, Ana Isabel; Rocha, Nelson P.

Heuristic Evaluation of the Usability of a Mechanical Ventilator Interface through a Simulator Conference

Procedia Computer Science, 2023

Shahri, Ehsan; Pedreiras, Paulo; Almeida, Luis

Response Time Analysis for RT-MQTT Protocol Grounded on SDN Conference

OpenAccess Series in Informatics, 2023

Shah, Sachin; Ali, Kamran; Dieker, Lisa; Hughes, Charles; Santos, Beatriz Sousa; Magana, Alejandra J.; Zara, Jiri

WAVE: A Web-Based Platform for Delivering Knowledge-Driven Virtual Experiences Article

IEEE Computer Graphics and Applications, 2023

Sarkar, Argha; Kundu, Mayuri; Pareek, Prakash; Gupta, Nishu; Reis, Manuel J. Cabral S.

IoT Enabled Driver Compatible Cost-Effective System for Drowsiness Detection with Optimized Response Time Conference

Lecture Notes of the Institute for Computer Sciences, Social-Informatics and Telecommunications Engineering, LNICST, 2023

Santos, Milton; Rocha, Nelson Pacheco

A Big Data Approach to Explore Medical Imaging Repositories Based on DICOM Conference

Procedia Computer Science, 2023

Salazar-Cardona, Johnny; Vela, Francisco Luis Gutiérrez; Arango-Lopez, Jeferson; Moreira, Fernando

Older adults’ motivations in game based systems: Heuristic definition and its connection with fun Article

Computers in Human Behavior Reports, 2023

Salato, Rui; Gomes, Patrícia; Ferreira, Carlos

Accrual accounting in the public sector of emerging economies: Bibliometric analysis and future research Article

Public Money and Management, 2023

Rosa, Ana Filipa; Martins, Ana Isabel; Cerqueira, Margarida; Santos, Milton; Silva, Anabela G.; Rocha, Nelson Pacheco

Applying the Nominal Group Technique for the Conceptual Validation of ehealth Solutions Conference

Procedia Computer Science, 2023

Rocha, Ana Patrícia; Santos, Diogo; Sánchez, Florentino; Aguiar, Gonçalo; Ramos, Henrique; Ferreira, Miguel; Bastos, Tiago; Oliveira, Ilídio C.; Teixeira, António

Gesture Recognition for Communication Support in the Context of the Bedroom: Comparison of Two Wearable Solutions Conference

International Conference on Information and Communication Technologies for Ageing Well and e-Health, ICT4AWE - Proceedings, 2023

Ribeiro, Ricardo; Amaral, Luísa; Ye, Wei; Trifan, Alina; Neves, António J. R.; Iglésias, Pedro

MEMORIA: A Memory Enhancement and MOment RetrIeval Application for LSC 2023 Conference

Proceedings of the 6th International Workshop on Lifelog Search Challenge, LSC 2023, 2023

Reis, Simao; Novais, Rita; Reis, Luis Paulo; Lau, Nuno

An Adversarial Approach for Automated Pokémon Team Building and Meta-Game Balance Article

IEEE Transactions on Games, 2023

3417 entries « 1 of 171 »
3417 entries « 1 of 171 »