João Rafael Almeida


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DETI, University of Aveiro

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Biomedical Informatics and Technologies

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João Rafael Duarte de Almeida is a distinguished academic and professional in the fields of Computer Engineering and Cybersecurity, with an impressive educational and career trajectory. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering, two Master’s degrees—one in Computer and Telematics Engineering and the other in Cybersecurity, both from the University of Aveiro. Furthermore, he has achieved a Ph.D. in Computer Science from the University of A Coruña. Currently, he serves as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Electronics, Telecommunications, and Informatics (DETI) at the University of Aveiro. In addition, he holds the position of Director of the Cybersecurity Office of the institution, while also fulfilling the role of Chief Information Security Officer (CISO). As a researcher, he has approximately 50 scientific publications indexed in Scopus, covering various areas of computer science.